Russia’s state arms exporter said Wednesday that its order portfolio stood at $34 billion as of June 1. Rosoboronexport delivered $6.5 billion worth of weaponry to foreign customers in the first half of this year, deputy head Igor Sevastyanov announced, adding that the current order portfolio included contracts with 67 countries. Russian news agency Novosti reports.

Russia, which last year sold $15.2 billion worth of weaponry, is the world’s No. 2 arms exporter, behind the United States. Russia’s main arms customers are India, Algeria, China, Venezuela, Malaysia and Syria. Vietnam also emerged as a significant purchaser in 2010, when it signed a deal to buy submarines, aircraft and other military hardware.

Sevastyanov added that his company was in talks regarding contracts worth a total of more than $80 billion. But it was not immediately clear in what time frame those contracts could be concluded.

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