The German Marder 1A3 has been delivered from Germany to Indonesia. Photo: Rheinmetall Group
Two of the 42 German Marder 1A3 Jakarta has acquired Germany. Photo: Rheinmetall Group

The Indonesian Ministry of Defence has contracted with the German Rheinmetall Group to supply it with tracked armoured vehicles, logistical support and ammunition worth roughly €216 million. The contract, which was signed in December 2012, now comes into full force following the successful completion of all legal formalities.

The order includes 103 overhauled and modernized Leopard 2 main battle tanks, 42 upgraded Marder 1A3 infantry fighting vehicles and 11 combat support vehicles, comprising armored recovery and engineering vehicles. The contract also covers training and logistic support and ammunition supporting the initial practice and service introduction phase. Furthermore, the order includes an initial supply of practice and service ammunition. Delivery to the Indonesian Army will take place progressively during the 2014-2016 timeframe.

With a production run of over 3,600 tanks, the Leopard 2 Indonesia becomes the 18th Nation using the tank.

Two of the Leopard II Mk4 tanks Jakarta has acquired in Germany for . Photo: Rheinmetall Group
Two of the 103 Leopard II Mk4 tanks Jakarta has acquired in Germany for €216 million . Photo: Rheinmetall GroupG


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