The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will establish a new ‘Cyber Command’ to deal and oversee all operational activity in the cyber dimension. This command will be established in two years and in the mean time will work in conjunction with the intelligence branch and the C4I branch. A multi-branch team will be responsible for presenting Lieutenant General Gadi Eisenkot, ID Chief of the General Staff  with a development plan.

“The IDF is required to excel in every aspect of war, including the cyber dimension, which is becoming more significant every day. This new command will empower the IDF to perform better in these fronts and will utilize the technological and human advantage that already exists in Israel.” General Eisenkot said.

This decision will be submitted to the authorization of the Minister of Defence, Mr. Moshe Bogie Ya’alon.

Israel currently operates three territorial commands, the deep-battle command (foreseeing special operations far from Israel ’s borders  and the home-front command. The Cyber Command will become the 6th command within th e IDF STRUCTURE

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