Several configurations of the Virtus kit, which includes over 50 items. Over 82,000 kits are required to equip the British combat units.
Several configurations of the Virtus kit, which includes over 50 items. Over 82,000 kits are required to equip the entire British forces.

[ismember]While initial sets are already in production, more elements are already in development to enhance the Virtus suite. Among the systems already in the pipeline are a central power supply and data distribution system, connecting a number of communications and situational awareness electronic devices carried by the soldier, thus reducing the load of spare batteries now needed to support each device separately.

Virtus will support the activities of all service personnel engaged in a dismounted close combat role; this encompasses soldiers, marines and airmen involved on land, littoral maneuver and ground support to air operations.

The Virtus system has implemented lessons learned in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, and has been tested extensively by soldiers from the Royal Engineers, the Royal Artillery, the Yorkshire Regiment, the Rifles, the Parachute Regiment, the Mercian Regiment and the Royal Marines.

“The Virtus competition provided a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with a customer with the genuine determination and vision to break the mould when it comes to addressing the needs of the infantry,” Source founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Yoki Gill, said.

The Virtus Dynamic Weight Distribution feature offers state-of-the-art performance in relieving the burden experienced by the Infantryman from his personal protection and load carriage equipment. Building on Source’s 30 years of experience in human factors integration in both the outdoor leisure and military markets, Virtus is the result of a three-year research and development program by Source, working in conjunction with several leading research institutes in Israel. The Virtus system has been demonstrated to reduce the biomechanical, physiological and cognitive stress experienced by the infantryman, thus enhancing his endurance and operational effectiveness.[/ismember]

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