Russian Arms Export Remain Stable in 2015


Russia arms exports remained stable in 2015, despite the sharp drop in oil prices, that has drawn economical difficulties in some of the markets Russia is active in. Russia delivered defense related exports in a total amount of US$ 5.483 billion in 2015, compared to 5.468 in 2014, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute`s (SIPRI) arms transfer database indicates.

In 2015, India remained the biggest importer of Russian defense production, having received arms and military equipment amounted to $ 1.964 bilion. China, was the second largest customer buying a total worth of $824 million in 2015. Vietnam is placed third with totaldefense acquisition of $812 million in Russia in 2015.

Other major customers include Iraq ($426 million), Kazakhstan ($412 million), Algeria ($284 million), Azerbaijan ($181 million), Belarus ($155 million), Nigeria ($87 million) and Bangladesh ($79 million).