SPEAR Mk-2 Mobile Mortar – Firepower for the Light Infantry

Spear Mk-2 mobile mortar system mounted on a Plasan 'Sandcat' (Stormer) armored utility vehicle. Photo: Elbit Systems

Updated 09/09/2017: In May 2017 Elbit Systems unveiled the Spear Mk2 120mm mobile mortar, a new version of the autonomous mortar system designed for Light Combat Vehicles. The new variant mounted on Plasan’s Sandcat is displayed this week at the DSEI exhibition in London. Spear addresses the need of small, rapid deployment light forces to quickly bring firepower and mobility to engage the enemy requiring minimal logistical footprint.

The new mortar system is adapted to suit lightweight vehicles enabling optimal recoil reduction; the system is displayed at the International Land Warfare and Logistics Conference in Latrun this week. Spear MK2 is an upgraded version of the operationally proven Spear mortar system – a fully autonomous, modular 120 mm mortar system. The Spear’s latest version has a high recoil reduction capability, making the system suitable for installation on light vehicles while maintaining the unique precision, autonomy, and agility of the Cardom mortar system. On the display, the Spear Mk 2 is installed on a Plasan Sandcat (Stormer) armored vehicle.

The upgraded system provides an improved field of regard, wider area coverage, quick deployment and has an autonomous or manual operation by 2-3 crew members. The system is prepared and ready to fire the first round in sixty seconds from a halt. The system uses an integrated command and control system enabling full mission autonomy and providing battlefield management and situational awareness capabilities, fire missions’ prioritization and monitoring of personnel assignments.