IAI Secures La Quiaca Border Crossing in Argentina


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has recently completed the installation of the first secured border crossing in Argentina. The installation was completed just a few months after IAI had won a contract worth tens of millions of dollars for the provision of border control systems for four border crossings characterized by different topologies. IAI, through its Electronic Defense Group ELTA Systems (IAI/ELTA), has completed the first part of the installation at the La Quiaca border crossing and has delivered it to the Argentinean Home Security Ministry, for use by the Gendarmeria, Argentina’s border guard. The next border crossings awaiting installation are Salvador Mazza, Aguas Blancas, and Puerto Iguazu.

The system consists of fixed towers and mobile stations, allowing versatile operation of ground forces. The system extends security measures over long border lines, employing surveillance equipment such as radars, electro-optical equipment and other sensors, communication, command and control systems. Tactical unmanned systems, including BirdEye650D, mini UAV BirdEye400 small UAS and HoverMast100 tethered hovering sensors and ELI-3302 Granite ISRV vehicles also support the system. The information gathered by the sensors is sent to the local control center at each border crossing and dispatched in real time to a centralized information center where data is fused and enhanced to develop situational awareness and decision support.