Plasan expands the Sandcat family with the introduction of the 4 GEN Sandcat. The new generation of the vehicle uses a modular design that enabled Plasan to configure the vehicle for different requirements and tailor the protection suite to meet higher threat levels. The first variant to be introduced under the new generation is the blast protected Sandcat that utilizes a monocoque hull, that eliminates the need for the traditional frame. The use of a monocoque hull enabled designers to improve the vehicle’s blast protection while retaining the overall vehicle’s weight below nine tons.

The new generation vehicle maintains the Sandcat’s overall design, thus making it almost distinguished from earlier Sandcats. In the new generation, Plasan introduced a modern, modular architecture enabling easy design, modification, and configuration of the vehicle to address customer needs. Such configurations include meeting different protection levels, improved mine protection, and integration of specific mission packages.

The first generation Sandcat vehicles were based on the Ford F550 and were sold mainly in Europe. The second generation was the first to be fielded in Israel, by Israel’s border guards. This variant was also produced overseas. Renamed ‘Stormer’, the third generation was sold to more customers worldwide and was the first to be configured for different applications, including missile and mortar carriers. The 4 gen being launched at Eurosatory looks similar to existing models but introduces a complete redesign of the vehicle, making it much easier to configure to meet specific applications. This modular approach enabled designers to tailor the vehicle protection suite to meet different threats. For example, the blast protected variant that debut at Eurosatory offers much higher underbody blast protection.

This new generation has extra built-in modularity, allowing Plasan to more easily address customer requirements, from police and paramilitary and up to full military requirements. The overall concept of the Sandcat utilizes commercial off the shelf chassis, and upgrading the vehicle to an armored vehicle, using composite materials. Employing Plasan’s unique kitted hull method allows designers to optimize the vehicle’s weight and performance to address user requirements with specific configurations and mission systems.

Among the vehicles to be displayed at Eurosatory 2018 are the lightweight Yagu that made its international debut in Mexico last month, as well as a new, light tactical armored vehicle that fits between the Yagu and Sandcat in the Plasan lineup. Plasan has not disclosed the manufacturer of the vehicle but said it patrol vehicle for up to six occupants, based on a 4-5 ton weight category, based on a very durable and reliable chassis that we are using within its weight limit. a lot of the smaller armored vehicles are based on lighter chassis that are stretched beyond their weight limits, the one we are launching at Eurosatory sits well within the weights.