Thales unveiled at Eurosatory a mockup of its latest target acquisition system – Sophie Ultima, equipped with an integral augmented vision enabling the user to view data layers on top of the video displayed by the system
Nexter presented the Katana guided 155mm munition latest, enabling the artillery to deploy smart, precision-guided projectiles.
Nammo unveiled a concept of ramjet powered projectile that can extend artillery range beyond 100 km, The 155mm projectile will use a ramjet solid-rocket engine that maintains the speed of the round at over Mach 3 throughout the flight, offering enough space to carry about five kilograms of explosives. The nose cone could include the seeker and guidance electronics, driving four canard fins
Sagem introduced a new generation of compact gyros employing rotating gyro principles that enables a platform to navigate autonomously in GPS denied environments.
Three of the robots being employed by the French Felin dismounted warrior units include a small ATV based robot, an all-terrain vehicle configured for surveillance, reconnaissance and EOD and the small robot at the forefront represents the mini scout, the smallest in the group.
IBD presented at Eurosatory its latest Protech Smart protection modules designed to defeat advanced, tandem warheads. The operating principle triggers the system only in the case of a shaped charge hitting the vehicle, the event would trigger one of the directional charges located above and beyond, which will hit the projectile, and disable its main warhead. First small charge in the tandem, a sensor late anywhere on the side, firing an explosive charge that destroys the threat, leaving the passive armor to deal with the small (precursor) part of the tandem warhead.
DSRaider displayed at Eurosatory their first, electrically powered 4×4 ‘raider; a tactical vehicle that carries a fully loaded soldier and his full gear over a range of 80 km, at a speed of 40km/h. (The DS Rider can g up to 75 km/h).