T-14 Armata tank on display at the Army 2019 exhibition. Photo: Defense-Update

Russia has been testing its latest and most advanced tank – the T-14 Armata in Syria. Since the tank is currently in a developmental testing phase, it is likely that its mission to Syria is considered a field trial rather than a combat mission. Russia has used Syria as a testbed for its new combat systems since the beginning of its intervention (or as it is called ‘stabilization support’) in the Syrian Civil War.

Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov confirmed those tests yesterday. According to the Tass News Agency, the initial delivery of tanks is expected this year (2020), these tanks will be used by the Army in operational field trials. The first Army field unit is expected to get the tanks in 2021. According to Manturov, the high cost of the T-14 reflects its current status as a developmental complex. Following those trials modifications and changes are to be done, commencing by serial production next year, that is expected to meet contract goals.

According to Manturov, Armata has attracted significant foreign interest reflected in a few preliminary orders. He said that firm orders could be expected after the new tank gets export permission from the Russian government.