Elbit Systems has unveiled its latest development in the world of unmanned aerial systems: The Find-and-Strike (FAST) Capsule, combining the Skylark III and SkyStriker Loitering Munition (LM). FAST enables forces pursue independent missions collecting actionable tactical intelligence and offensive missions, synergizing each platform advantages to a single application, at the same time and place, saving the user on logistics, time and more importantly improving the crew expertise.

The Skylark III is a Small-Tactical Intelligence UAS, equipped with advanced intelligence gathering sensor. As a fixed wing platform, it is designed for extensive endurance of up to 18 hours, supporting ISTAR missions in GPS denied enviroment. The Skylark III is capable of integrating a range of payloads including high-resolution Electro-Optical gimbaled payload, SIGINT sensors, laser designators and more.

The SkyStriker is a fully autonomous loitering munition that can locate, acquire and engage operator designated targets with a flexible warhead of up to 10 Kg, enabling high-precision performance. SkyStriker can be launched from a variety of ground and aerial platforms, including from a dedicated canister mounted on Elbit Systems’ Precise and Universal Launching System (PULS) rocket artillery systems. Equipped with an electrical engine, the SkyStriker enables covert operations of up to 2 hours and with a range of 100km. With unique algorithms, the system can precisely strike targets while maintaining a “man in the loop” even in GPS and communication denied environments.

Despite the differences of the two platforms, thanks to the “FAST Capsule” they can both be stored, carried, launched, operated and controlled by the same equipment and by the same crew. The FAST Capsule is deployed and operated by a crew of two, launched via a pneumatic launcher and mounted on a vehicle or vessel. Both can be assigned to the same mission simultaneously managed by a shared Ground Control Station.