KNDS recently completed a test firing series with the 140mm ASCALON gun, demonstrating the applicability of the new gun design for current and future main combat systems, including the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS). During the tests series company personnel demonstrated an easy and quick gun caliber change, replacing a 120mm barrel with the 140mm in less than one hour.

KNDS presents the ASCALON cannon and its ammunition as a mature solution n. The three-year firing campaign that began in May 2024 has shown the excellent capacities of the ASCALON in the 140 and 120mm barrels, as well as its APFSDS rounds maturity. SInce it began, the system was fired several hundreds of times from gun mounts in 120 and 140mm barrels. These tests are scheduled to continue through 2025. The next important step is firing tests from a Main Battle Tank (MBT) in 2025.

ASCALON delivers performance levels that current technologies do not offer while offering a significant growth potential. The system KNDS designed ASCALON with an open architecture to serve as a basis for cooperative development of a combat gun platform within the framework of the Franco-German MGCS program, laying the foundations
for the future standard of European tank gun and ammunition.

140mm tank ammunition displayed by KNDS France at the Eurosatory 2022 exhibition. Photo: Defense-Update