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PIRIOU and DCNS to Deliver Three EEZ Support Vessels for the...

The French defense procurement agency DGA has awarded a shipbuilding team lead by the PIRIOU shipyard and DCNS to construct three multi-mission ocean-going vessels,...

The Hydro Camel Unmaned Submarine

Today, there are many remotely operated submarines that handle important tasks, such as checking underwater pipelines, mapping underwater minefields, searching for locations to place...

ISDEF 2013: Unmanned Systems & Robotics

The ISDEF 2013 exhibition opened yesterday in Tel Aviv is the largest, most impressive defense expo taking place in Israel in recent years. Over...

Liquid Robotics Offers Wave Glider Robots to the Military

Liquid Robotics, developer of the Wave Glider autonomous robotic surface platform for ocean surveying is broadening its activity to offer government and military solutions by establishing the new Federal Business unit. The new unit is expected to double the number of employees over the next months, in anticipation to the growing potential and interest from Government agencies.

Lockheed Martin Develops a Lightweight Precision Weapon for Tactical UAVs

Lockheed Martin successfully tested a new, lightweight precision guided weapon called 'Shadow Hawk' designed specifically for deployment from tactical unmanned aerial systems such as the MQ-7B Shadow 200 used by the US Marine Corps and Army.

International Conference on Unmanned Systems – AUVSI Israel 2012

For four decades Israel’s aerospace industries are maintaining their world leading position in the field of unmanned systems. The upcoming International Conference on Unmanned Systems will offer international delegates a unique insight into one of the country's most competitive fields of expertise.

Sea Fox Naval Mine Hunter

The SeaFox mine hunting system developed by Atlas Elektronik incorporates a remotely controlled surveillance system and autonomous 'hunter'. The SeaFox I underwater surveillance vehicle is used for target identification and mine hunting. The system was employed recently to clear sea mines along the Libyan coast during the naval blockade on Libya.

GD To Develop an Underwater Unmanned Vehicle to Support LCS Mine...

U.S. Navy Sea Systems Command has awards General Dynamics Advanced Informational Systems (GD-AIS) $87 million contract to develop an Unmanned Underwater Mine Countermeasure Vehicle.

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