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Cyber Intelligence Report – February 5, 2014

In this report: Saudi Arabia to launch National e-Security Center to Protect Government against Hackers | Changes in NSA and cyber security matters due to Snowden affair | Israel’s Darknet and TOR dilemma | USA: Major retailers in the U.S. hacked during holiday season | Palestinian hackers suspected to be behind breach in Israeli defense ministry computers | Cyber Park in Beer Sheba expanding | Russia to set up a cyber-defense unit | Microsoft answers to growing criticism | Germany: Increase of Cyber Attacks | Iran unveils new cyber security products | Europol smashed financial cyber-crime gang targeting UK citizens | Japan sending Self Defense Forces to U.S. for cyber training | SEA attacks PayPal UK and eBay UK

Cyber Intelligence Report – January 15, 2014

In this report: Cyber-attacks on 29 embassies in Iran | Hackers of the Islamic Cyber Resistance Group claim to have breached Israel Airports Authority computer systems | Cracking down on Cyber Activism in China | UK Ministry of Defense dedicates millions for ‘digital insurgency’, social networking research | Obama announces new policies in surveillance in wake of NSA scandal | Microsoft hacked by the SEA while making email alterations | Major retailers in the U.S. hacked during holiday season | Russian online forum being formed to expand new cyber strategy | Controversial update to Brazilian Internet law | UK: Investment into Cyber Streetwise

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