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USAF Readies Massive Ordnance Penetrator for Showdown in Iran

The US has enhanced its biggest bunker buster bomb specifically to enable the destruction of Iran's underground Fordow uranium enrichment plant near the city of Qom. 20 such bombs - the biggest and heaviest bomb in the US arsenal, will be delivered this year, following the completion of upgrades and testing.

US Reinforcing Pacific Defenses to Counter North Korean Threats

Washington is strengthen its missile-defense posture in the Pacific in response to Pyongyang’s continual threats to launch ballistic missile attacks against US targets in the region and targets as far away as the US mainland.

US B2, B-52 Flaypast over Korea – Warning Signal to Pyongyang

The United States Air Force began flying B2 and B-52 bombers over South Korea, amid rising tensions with North Korea, Pentagon officials said today. Pentagon press secretary George Little said one B-52 flew over South Korea on Friday, March 8 and another mission is scheduled to fly tomorrow.

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