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New Breath of Life for the Old Patton

The largest fleets of M-60 are in Egypt, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, where the M-60 is used alongside the M-1A1. In the recent years, these tanks are heavily engaged in combat operations, in Yemen, Syria, and Sinai where they have suffered significant losses to anti-tank weapons. To survive and continue to be effective in service these tanks must be modernized.

Updated: Saudi Troops Enter Bahrain

Saudi Arabian forces were deployed today to Bahrain, to assist the local government dealing with civil unrest that followed violent encounters with demonstrators that blocked main roads to the center of the Island's capital Manama.

U.S. Challenges Iran, Equipping Gulf States with More Ballistic Missiles

Bahrain and Dubai are expecting to get more MGM-164 Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) manufactured by Lockheed Martin. Last week the Defense Security Cooperation...

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