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Barak 8 / MR-SAM Test Program to Begin in Early 2012

India and Israel are planning to conduct a system test of Barak 8 Medium Range Surface-to-Air Missile (MR-SAM) early next year. IAI and DRDO are cooperating in the development of the Medium and Long Range Surface to Air Missile (MR-SAM/LR-SAM) missiles, also known as Barak-8, are preparing for the next milestone in the program - testing with its entire supporting system, in early 2012. The Israel Navy also expects to filed the missile with its upgraded/new Saar 5 / 5B corvettes.

Israel’s Strategic Defense Programs – Investing in Missile Defense

Start < Page 4 of 4 > At the lower tier, the market is preparing new air defense systems for simultaneous missile and rocket defense. Due to...

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