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CAMEL Helps Designers Make Vehicles ‘Safe for Combat’

The Concept for Advanced Military Explosion-Mitigation Land (CAMEL) is a concept vehicle demonstrating 'Occupant Centric Platform' (OCP) concepts. A 30 ton class 8x8 troop carrier, CAMEL is designed to safely and securely transport nine troops and two crew members with a goal to reduce combat vehicle casualties well below 50 percent, compared to current combat vehicles.

CPS Unveil Metal Matrix Composites Armor and Blast Mitigating Materials

CPS Technologies, a producer of advanced Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) is unveiling armor grade materials produced by this advanced process, enabling armor designers to...

Mobius Protection Systems

Mobius Protection Systems (PS), a designer, engineer and manufacturer of survivability products - from crash and blast protection in combat vehicles and aircraft to...

Blast-X – US Global Nanospace Inc. (USGN)

Explosion mitigation panels, developed form G-LAM structures, and are approved for use in up-armored Humvee. It combines a face sheet designed to quench hot...

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