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IAF 65th Independence Day Flypast

Boeing 707 (Reem) Flying Tanker refuelling F-15I (Raam) strike fighters. For more photos from Noam Eshel, check our Facebook Page.

Israel Considers Tilt-Rotor Ospreys to Modernize its CSAR, Special Operations

Moving to bolster its special operations and combat search and rescue capabilities, the Israel Air Force (IAF) is evaluating the Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft as an optional future vertical lift capability. The Osprey has a mission range exceeding 1,600 km, (compared to 1,000 km of the CH-53D), what makes it attractive augmenting the IAF operations at very.

Israel Air Force to Install Helmet Displays in UH60, CH53 Helicopters

Some of the Helicopters will be Equipped with Line of Sight Systems, improving situational display and coordination between crewmembers Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ:ESLT) announced it...

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