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Skylark 1LE + Dominator Offer New Benefits for Special Ops

Elbit Systems demonstrated how the Skylark 1LE, a small, silent, tactical mini-unmanned aircraft systems (Mini-UAS) can be operated with standard 'Dominator' wearable command and control, significantly reducing the warfighter carried load, relieving forward units from the need to deploy, control and retrieve UAS and empower special operations teams with persistent, 'semi-organic' ISR support.

No Coms – No Bombs

US Air Force tests new datalinks, integrated command and control to demonstrate precision, strike of time critical targets at JFEX 08 The recent Joint Expeditionary...

Converting Aircraft For Broadband Data Transfer Capability

AESA RAdar Datalink Following research into the past two years, an industry group including Northrop Grumman Corporation, L-3 Communications Inc. and Lockheed Martin Aeronautics demonstrated...

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