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Boeing UK, John Deere Introduce the M-Gator A3 Robotic Load Carrier

A robotic load carrier developed by Boeing UK in cooperation with utility vehicle manufacturer John Deere and Boeing UK is unveiled today at DSEi 2011. The robotic vehicle called R-Gator A3 Assisted Carriage System (ACS) is based on John Deere’s R-Gator robotic utility vehicle.

Extended Zephyr Multi-Role Vehicle Debuts at DSEi 2011

Zephyr protected vehicle designed by Creation is displayed at DSEi 2011 in a new configuration, reflecting the latest upgrade variant. The vehicle is now available in two- and three-axle configurations. Zephyr's protection architecture features a composite ‘occupant survival cell’ employing a V-form belly plate and an integral blast mitigation system.

Advanced Recovery Systems Introduced to Support New Light Protected Patrol Vehicles

A joint venture between recovery vehicle specialist EKA, and Penman is introducing at at DSEi 2011 the new Lightweight Recovery Vehicle (LRV), based on a 6x6 GDLS Europe Duro chassis.

BAE Systems to Unveil Adaptive Camouflage Cloak for Combat Vehicles at...

BAE Systems has recently tested an ‘invisibility cloak’ that allows a vehicle to blend into its surroundings, effectively becoming invisible to thermal imaging systems.

Preview: DSEI 2011

This year’s DSEi will host 35 national pavilions, up from 27 national pavilions in 2009. Among the nations joining the show are Poland, Brazil...

Invitation to DSEi 2011

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