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SBIRS Satellite Provide ‘Unblinking Eyes’, Constantly Monitoring Hotspots Worldwide

The Pentagon is harnessing its strategic missile warning system to conduct surveillance on a global scale, improving strategic situational awareness over the entire planet. A new Battlespace Awareness Center (OBA) that came online last month processes massive streams of satellite infrared immagery, generating Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) that turns the pentagon's 'Space-Based Infra-Red Systems' (SBIRS) into an all-seeing, unblinking eye.

Raytheon Awards More Contracts for Mobile Centurion Subsystems

Raytheon has awarded Curtiss-Wright Controls, Inc. a subcontract worth US$5.7 million providing for rugged single board computers (SBC), digital signal processors (DSP) and buffer...

Unattended Ground Sensors

Start < Page 1 of 5 > After several decades of rather obscure awareness in military operations, the use of passive sensors for remote battlefield...

DSP-1 FLIR payload

A compact day/night sensor payload configured especially for light reconnaissance platforms such as UAVs. DSP-1's optical system is mounted on a four-axis gimbal with...

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