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Unmanned Peacekeepers Over Africa

United Nations peacekeepers in Africa are expanding the use of drones to improve force protection and better secure the civilian communities in conflict areas. The UN is expected to select a supplier for a larger MALE drone to succeed the Falco UAVs operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2013. Such drones will soon launch operations from two bases in Mali, in support of UN operations in the Sahara.

UN Drone Crashed in Congo

An unmanned aircraft used by U.N. peacekeepers in Democratic Republic of Congo was damaged yesterday while landing at the airport near the eastern town...

Falco UAV Flys with PicoSAR Payload

The Italian Falco Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) developed by Selex Galileo of Finmeccanica completed a series of flight tests aimed at expanding its ISR...

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