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Modernized AN/TPQ-37 Artillery Fire Locating Redeployed in Iraq

A modernized version of the AN/TPQ-37 Firefinder radar has been fielded in Iraq, supporting and protecting U.S. troops and allies. The upgraded radars are scheduled to be deployed into Afghanistan in the coming months.

MCFS Mobile Counter Fire System

Mobile Counter Fire System (MCFS) was developed by Techno Sciences Inc (TSi) for the US Marine Corps and Army. The vehicle is currently undergoing...

PILAR – Acoustic Small-Arms Locator

Pilar, is a small-arms and sniper location system. Pilar has proven itself in combat since the conflicts in Bosnia and Kosovo. The system is...

HALO Acoustic Fire Location System

HALO, developed by BAE Systems uses multiple acoustic sensors and precise meteorological monitoring and terrain data to locate and identify artillery or mortar sources,...

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