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New Mega Display Cleared for F-16s’ Primary Flight Reference

The Center Display Unit (CDU) being fitted as part of the upgrading of US Air Forces' F-16s has been endorsed by the Air Force as a primary flight reference (PFR) for the fighter. The CDU replaces multiple legacy, analog flight instruments with a compact digital display leaving premium area for an ultra-large digital screen that can be used to present high resolution imagery from sensors, digital maps, or detailed situation displays.

Elbit Systems Awarded Korean C-130H Upgrade Contract

Elbit Systems announced it has been awarded a contract valued at US$62 million to upgrade the Korean Air Force C-130 transport aircraft. Under the contract, the C-130 aircraft will be installed with advanced electronic systems; the part of the existing, mechanical and analog cockpit instrumentation will be modernized into electronic, digital "Glass-Cockpit" using Elbit Systems' cutting-edge digital flight displays.

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