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Seoul to Invest US$63 Billion in Strategic Deterrence, Missile Defense

The South Korean defense ministry submitted to the parliament a 214.5 trillion won (US$192.6 billion) budget request for the 2014-2018 fiscal year period. The...

Pacific Allies on High Alert for Pyongyang’s Next Move

The US-South Korean Combined Forces Command (CFC) raised their Watch Condition, commonly known as “Watchcon,” from Level 3 to Level 2 indicating that a vital threat exists. Level 1 is reserved for wartime only...

Israel, Azerbaijan sign $1.6 Billion Arms Deal

Israel has concluded a major arms deal with Azerbaijan selling the central Asian country advanced missile defense systems, air defense systems and unmanned aerial systems to Azerbaijan, as part of a US$1.6 billion arms package.

Israel’s Strategic Defense Programs – Arrow’s Spiral Evolution

Start < Page 3 of 4 > To maintain the Arrow's effectiveness against evolving threats, the missile is developed through a typical "spiral" development, maintaining "one step...

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