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New Trends in Force Protection & Border Protection

HPM Remote Weapon System from BAE Systems.
Force Protection is another field of activity that is expecting to offer sustainable demand over the upcoming years. Despite the draw down of forces from Afghanistan, it can be assumed that the forces remaining in country, as training, support and special operations elements, will require extensive protection means to maintain low signature and avoid casualties or visible damage.

Boeing Conducts First Tests of High Power Microwave (HPM) Missile

successfully completed the first flight test of a counter-electronics missile carrying a high power microwave payload designed to zap enemy electronic system. CHAMP is a nonlethal weapon designed to neutralize electronic targets. It is considered a cost effective alternative to current kinetic (explosive) weapons, that cannot penetrate hidden, underground targets.

High Power EM Pulse Weapon

High Power ElectroMagnetic  (HPEM) wepon can be used as a powerful IED countermeasure. HPEM system, available from Diehl and Rheinmetall Defense. HPEM can be...