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IISS: Less than a quarter of the Syrian Army Remain Loyal...

The Military Balance 2013 IISS assess the state of the Syrian Army, decimated through almost two years of civil war in Syria. The report claims the regime could only be certain of the loyalty of the mainly Alawite Special Forces, the Republican Guard, and the elite 3rd and 4th Divisions – perhaps 50,000 troops in total.

IISS: Defense Spending Increasing Worldwide, but Declining in Europe, US

The World Military Balance 2013 published by the International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) reflects the recent trends in the global redistribution of military power. Reflecting the subdued global economic climate, total defence spending fell in real terms in 2012 for a second year running. However, real increases were seen in the Middle East and North Africa, Russia and Eurasia, Latin America and in Asia, while real declines were seen in North America and Europe.

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