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India is a strategic market for Rafael

Rafael is coming to Defexpo this year after implementing a major restructuring process, in which the company dissolved its old product-focused organisational structure into...

Elbit Systems: Aiming High in India’s Defense Market

Betzalel 'Butzi' Machlis“India is an important market for each of our divisions.” Elbit Systems President and CEO Bezhalel Butzi Machlis told Vayu, “We have...

Moscow Expected to Showcase New Combat Vehicles at RAE 2013

The hottest buzz among visitors planning to attend the Russian Arms Expo at Nizhny Tagil this year will be the the future military modernization...

IAI Set Aim on Emerging Markets

Navigating Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) through difficult and challenging time, President and CEO Joseph Weiss has set ambitious goal for the company’s future growth....

Elbit Systems Looks for More Partners to Address India’s Growing Helicopter...

Betzalel 'Butzi' Machlis
Elbit Systems is promoting a range of helicopter-related products in a move that would tap the growing opportunities the company identified in the Indian market, both for foreign built, locally made or upgraded platforms. Over the years Elbit Systems has established a number of partnerships and cooperation in India, paving its way into many defense sector’s programs.

Aero-India 2013: India Becoming a Strategic Growth Market for IAI

IAI’s President and CEO Joseph Weiss
With annual sales of over US$3.4 billion, and orders backlog exceeding nine billion US$, IAI is ranked among Israel’s top five industries. New opportunities and growing competition are driving IAI to expand its Indian operations over a wider spectrum, entering new fields where it wasn’t present before. Carrying the company into the next decade, IAI’s President and CEO Joseph Weiss defines several pillars for IAI’s activities, including missiles, unmanned systems, special mission aircraft and network centric warfare – all are considered to be IAI’s primary growth engines.

RAFAEL Sharpens Strategy for Closer Cooperation With India

Oron Oriol, RAFAEL's VP Marketing & Business Development
VP Marketing and Business Development talks to Defense Update about RAFAEL's strategy for India

A|D|S chief: “the U.K. is heading in the wrong direction on...

The U.K. defence industry could be expecting further job losses following the government's historic and recent cutbacks in defense spending. Further layoffs of 20,000 - 30,000 skilled employees are at risk across the defense industry, jeopardizing the ability of the British industry to recoup and sustain its market leading position, according to Ian Godden, Chairman A|D|S

Fighting the Elusive Enemy – PGM in the Empty Battlefield

In a briefing at the recent Land Warfare conference held in Latrun, Israel earlier this month, the commander of the IDF Northern Command, Major General Gershon HaCohen, examined maneuver and fire alternatives and their role against the evolving hybrid warfare challenges. “It is obvious land maneuver is not a goal in itself. Classic maneuver should shake an enemy force out of balance, however, maneuvering against irregular, ‘disappearing’ forces is difficult due to the lack of clear center weights” said HaCohen.

Tailoring Unmanned Platforms for New Missions

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) have established a leading position in modern air power, already performing far more operational hours, compared to any other military...

Looking at Elbit System’s Crystal Ball

Going through a generation shift, Elbit Systems focuses its activities on the ‘growth engines’ that will take it through the next levels, in the...

RAFAEL President outlines his view of the company way forward

RAFAEL offers a wide range of leading edge solutions, from defensive measures for submarines and surface vessels, through land systems to airborne and space-based...

RAFAEL Highlights Flexible Response in Air & Missile Defense

Missile technology is one of the highlights of RAFAEl’s display at this year's Paris Airshow. The company displays here a range of air defense...

IAI President Itzhak Nissan: "IAI is Prepared to Go Public"

"IAI is ready for privatization, a move that will position it to better pursue a larger share of the global Aerospace and Defense (A&D) market, toward our goal in becoming a $10 billion company by the end of the decade." Itzhak Nissan, President and CEO IAI tells Defense Update.

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