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Chinese J20s Show New Camouflage

Two J-20 stealth fighters seen yesterday in Chengdo, China show a new camouflage paint that is likely to be used with the Low Rate Inintal Production (LRIP) batch currently being delivered from the assembly plant in Chengdu. These photos aired today on Chinese websites and twitter.

Weapons Bay of J20 Revealed

Defense Update VideoReport presents a remix depicting selected moments from J-20 test flights, captured by Chinese amateur photographers on the Chengdu airfield perimeter. A recent...

China’s Mighty Dragon Grows Teeth

Recent photos of the second 'Technology Demonstrator" Fifth Generation Chengdu J20 'Mighty Dragon' stealth fighter depict a recent flight testing what seems to be an R-77 missile dummy carried on the starboard (right side) weapons bay.

Defending The Homeland – The Future Of Japan’s And Taiwan’s Air...

The unsettling appearance of a Chinese aircraft carrier has created quite a stir in the Pacific among those nations that rely heavily on the United States for warfighting protection and military hardware. With the Chinese carrier now underway on its second round of sea trials, the Pacific community is looking with increased urgency to improve air defenses. Taiwan and Japan in particular are in critical need of an upgrade to their existing air-superiority fighter forces.

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