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AUSA 2015: Combat Vehicles Integrate Advanced Automotive, Protection Technologies

Oshkosh Introduces an M-ATV Squad Carrier Oshkosh unveiled the MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle (M-ATV) 6x6 Technology Demonstrator today, at AUSA 2015. The vehicle introduces an extended...

Canberra Approves A$550 Million for Four Defense Modernization Programs

The Australian Government has approved spending A$550 million on four major Defense programs. When complete, these projects are estimated to involve expenditure of around $3 billion.

Force Protection Delivers Ocelot for Australian Field Testing

Force Protection Australasia has delivered to the Australian government two Ocelot armored vehicles - a utility and command variants of the Protected Light Mobility Vehicle (PMV-L)....

Thales Unveils the Hawkei – Lightweight Protected Mobility Vehicle

Thales Australia has unveiled the Hawkei lightweight Protected Mobility Vehicle (PMV-L) developed to meet the Australian Defense Forces Land121 program and key export customers....