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Australia Extends Military Trucks Order

The Australian Defense Forces (ADF) is extending the current LAND 121 Phase 3B Project to run through 2024. Under the new program - Land 121 Phase 5B - the Australian subsidiary of German-based Rheinmetall Man Military Vehicles (RMMV) will supply more than a thousand logistical vehicles, and 800 payload modules and trailers, to the Australian Defense Forces (ADF) between 2019 and 2024 under a contract worth a total of A$1.4 billion.

Rheinmetall MAN Selected to Renew Australian Military Trucks Fleet under Overlander...

armored truck MAN
Australia is moving forward to with Project Overlander, with the selection of Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles Australia and Thales Australia. MAN will provide medium and heavy armored and unarmored trucks while Thales will deliver the Hawkei light tactical vehicle, in protected and unprotected configurations. The two programs are part of an investment of A$7.5 billion, providing the Australian Defence Force with around 7,500 new vehicles over the next decade.

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