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Germany Joins France to Establish a Joint European Intervention Force

Germany and France are jointly launching the development of a new main battle tank and self-propelled gun, what seems to be the most strategic project in the European European land defense for the next 30 years, a program package that will shape the future of European armies’ main combat capabilities

France to invest €330 million upgrading 218 Leclerc Main Battle Tanks

The French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) notified Nexter Systems of the Leclerc tank renovation contract. This order constitutes the third operation launched by the French Ministry of Defence under the SCORPION programme intended to modernise the French Army's contact forces.

France’s Mars Industry Consortium Selected for Scorpion Architecture Design

The French Ministry of Defense announced the selection of an industry group comprising Thales, Sagem and Nexter, to lead the architecture development of the...

Leclerc Main Battle Tank

Leclerc Main Battle Tank, built by GIAT Industries, is the main battle tank of the French Army and the army of the UAE. The...

French Army Demonstrates Urban Combat Experimentation – 2006 Eurosatory Exhibition

Planning to improve its urban combat capabilities, the French Army is testing new concepts under the AZUR Urban Survivability Functions Demonstration program. Three vehicles...

120FER – 120mm Low-Recoil Gun

The French company GIAT is developing a low-recoil 120mm gun to equip future air transportable armored fighting vehicles weighing around 18 tons. The 120...

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