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New Trends in Force Protection & Border Protection

HPM Remote Weapon System from BAE Systems.
Force Protection is another field of activity that is expecting to offer sustainable demand over the upcoming years. Despite the draw down of forces from Afghanistan, it can be assumed that the forces remaining in country, as training, support and special operations elements, will require extensive protection means to maintain low signature and avoid casualties or visible damage.

Medusa to Extend Non Lethal Effects

Medusa 66mm Non Lethal Weapon System is designed to enable teams to employ scalable response from long distances
In April 2010 General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems (GD-OTS) has won a $3 million contract for a technology demonstration (TD) and evaluation of its competing...

Metal Storm Set Focus on Non-Lethal Weapon

In April 2010 the U.S. subsidiary of the Australian company Metal Storm has won a $1.48 development contract, awarded by the U.S. Marine Corps, for...

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