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U.S. Lawmakers Cut Pentagon Ties with Russian Arms Exporter

U.S. lawmakers passed a bill on Thursday breaking contracts between the Pentagon and Russian state-run arms exporter Rosoboronexport, which they claim is "arming the oppressive Syrian regime,” Rosoboronexport signed a $367.5 million deal with the United States in May 2011 for delivery of 21 Mi-17V5s to equip the Afghan Air Force. All those helicopters have now been delivered. The break with the United States could affect an option contract signed on July 18 for a further ten machines worth $171 million.

PARS 3 LR Competes for Two Indian Attack Helicopter Programs

MBDA confirmed today that its PARS 3 Long Range (LR) guided missile system has been short listed for the Indian Army helicopter future air-to-ground...

U.S. Congress Asked to Pre-Approve Apache Block III Sale to India

India is interested in buying 22 AH-64D Block III APACHE Helicopters from the USA. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency has notified Congress on a...

Israel Offers Mi-24/35 Upgrades

The wide availability of Mi-24/35 "Hind" helicopters in the third world and Eastern European countries is attracting aviation industries specializing in modernizations to offer...

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