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DEFEXPO 2018 HIGHLIGHTS – Unmanned Systems

The fourth part of our photo report highlighting UAV topics from the DEFEXPO 2018 exhibition in India.

Globe-i Zooming in to a “Window of Interest”

BlueBird Aero Systems is displaying its latest electrically-powered mini-UAVs, including the sub-kilogram MicroB, the combat proven Skylite mini-UAV and the flying-wing shaped Boomerang small-UAV,...

Indian Police Seeking More Mini-UAVs

The growing interest in unmanned systems for use by Indian police and law enforcement agencies is bringing the Home Ministry to evaluate some of the technologies available for paramilitary use.

Latrun 2010 – Unmanned Systems on Display

This photographic report is the third part of our coverage of the Latrun 2010 land warfare conference and exhibitions. This feature highlights some of...

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