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Poland Backtracks on its Decision to Replace Strike Fighters with Drones

Warsaw is backtracking on its decision to withdraw 32 Sukhoi Su-22 strike fighters from service by 2015, and replace them with armed unmanned aerial...

Thales Deutchland, Atlas Elektronik to Modernize Three F-124 Frigates for the...

Atlas Elektronik and Thales Deutschland have jointly been commissioned to modernize the combat system of the German Class F124 frigates. The modernization will include the hardware replacement and software upgrades of the vessel's Combat Direction System (CDS). It is scheduled to be completed in 2017.

Elbit Systems Looks for More Partners to Address India’s Growing Helicopter...

Betzalel 'Butzi' Machlis
Elbit Systems is promoting a range of helicopter-related products in a move that would tap the growing opportunities the company identified in the Indian market, both for foreign built, locally made or upgraded platforms. Over the years Elbit Systems has established a number of partnerships and cooperation in India, paving its way into many defense sector’s programs.

South Korean F-16 Upgrade Contract Confirmed by BAE

BAE Systems confirmed that an agreement was reached with South Korea to upgrade 130 of the Republic of Korea Air Force’s (ROKAF) F-16 fighter jets

With the Last F-22A Delivered, the Raptor’s Modernization is Only Beginning

While the last of 195th F-22 Raptors was delivered to the U.S. Air Force, at its home base in Alaska, other Raptors are being Upgraded to Assume Precision Strike Missions

Norway to Spend US$1.74 Billion on Armored Vehicle Modernization

Part of a comprehensive four-year defense modernization bill, Norway plans to invest US$1.74 in CV90 armored vehicles modernization, to include added mine protection, improved C4ISR integration, rubber band tracks and Remote Weapon Stations for self defense.

GDLS Canada to Upgrade 550 LAV IIIs for the Canadian Army

General Dynamics Awarded $1 Billion to Upgrade LAV III Vehicles by Government of Canada. The LAV III Upgrade Project will modernize 550 vehicles, significantly enhancing their survivability, mobility and firepower and extending the fleet's lifecycle to 2035.

Pentagon Details Taiwan Air Force F-16 Modernization Plan

The F-16A/B upgrade package the U.S. offers Taiwan includes the integration of an unspecified AESA radar, helmet mounted cueing system (JHMCS) supporting AIM-9X air/air missiles and advanced electronic warfare and self-protection systems. Targeting pods and precision guided munitions will also enhance the fighters' air/ground capability.

France’s Embarks on the Scorpion Land Forces Transformation

The French Ministry of Defense is expected to select the a system architecture and design team to lead the development of the transformational 'Scorpion'...

Brazil’s FX-2 – Time for Decision

The announcement of the winner to provide the next generation fighter for the Brazilian Air Force has been postponed for at least a month,...

Final Round for Brazil’s F-X2

Brazil squeezes Boeing and Saab to match the terms of the mega-deal agreed by the presidents of the two countries. After Eurocopter and DCSN have already...

New Equipment to Modernize Combat Brigades

Fielding the elements remaining intact, as the FCS is restructured into the BCT Modernization, will include the Honeywell Class I UAV (T-Hawk), iRobot SUGV mini-robot and...

Reshaping Future Combat Systems by Modernizing Brigade Combat Teams

The memorandum by secretary of defense to the department sent by Ashton Carter on 23.6.09 to the Army formally set guidance on the program...

Could Brazil’s F-X2 Fighter Modernization Program Grow into Mega Deal?

While Brazil is evaluating the proposals submitted by the three finalists - Boeing, Dassault and Saab, the government and Air Force are also reevaluating...

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