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Pentagon Details Israel’s MV-22 Osprey Package

The US Department of Defense released details about the proposed sale of six V-22B Block C Osprey Tilt-Rotor Aircraft to Israel. Notifying the planned...

Marine Corps Infantry Completes 1,100 mile Raid Using Osprey Tilt-Rotor Aircraft

Students from the Infantry Officer Course (IOC) at Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., recently completed a "Proof-of-Concept" 1,100 mile (1,770 km) raid using the...

Bundling Israel Paves Way for Pentagon Sale of Strike Weapons to...

A multi-billion arms deal offered by the US to key Middle-East allies bundles advanced fighter planes, strike weapons, radars and special mission aircraft, sold separately to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Convinces the UAE to increase the number of their Desert Falcons, instead of buying Rafale or Typhoons could derail European sales efforts in the region. Likewise, offerring radars and surplus USAF tankers to Israel would hurt Israeli efforts to soffer its own tankers, converted from commercial aircraft.

F-35B Joint Strike Fighters and More V-22 Ospreys Destined For Japanese...

Late in 2012, US Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta revealed in public comments that the United States intended to send the first overseas contingent of F-35B Lightning IIs to the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) at Iwakuni, Japan located in Yamaguchi Prefecture on the southeastern coast of the archipelago’s main island of Honshu.

Japan Looking At Procuring Controversial V-22 Osprey

Japanese Ministry of Defense (MoD) Fiscal Year 2013 budget submission will include a request for funding to pay for a study to determine if the V-22 Osprey tiltrotor aircraft can be successfully incorporated into future Japanese Self-Defense Force (JSDF) operations. This option was first proposed in October 2012 by former Minister of Defense Satoshi Morimoto.

Israel Considers Tilt-Rotor Ospreys to Modernize its CSAR, Special Operations

Moving to bolster its special operations and combat search and rescue capabilities, the Israel Air Force (IAF) is evaluating the Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft as an optional future vertical lift capability. The Osprey has a mission range exceeding 1,600 km, (compared to 1,000 km of the CH-53D), what makes it attractive augmenting the IAF operations at very.

Ospreys Join the Fight Supporting Marines in Afghanistan

The U.S. Marine Corps has deployed the first detachment of MV-22B Osprey tilt rotor aircraft to Camp Bastion, in Hellmand province, Afghanistan. The ten...

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