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Foreign sources: Fateh-110 Rockets Enroute to Hezbollah Destroyed in Syria by...

EO Guided version of Fateh 110 (M-166) Iranian missile
The Iranians have developed an improved model of medium-range rocket Fateh-110. The current model is held by Hezbollah in Lebanon and Israel believes that...

Updated: Iron Curtain Successful in Firing Tests on BAE’s GCV

The Iron Curtain active protection system (APS) for protected vehicles has recently passed a successful test series on board an armored vehicle provided by BAE Systems for U.S. government testing. According to the company CEO Keith Brendley, the system is ready for integration on combat vehicles.

F-35 PEO: “any foreign partner pooling out will have an effect...

Lt. General Christopher C. Bogdan, the Program Executive Officer outlined the achievements and hurdles of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) in his testimony in front of the Senate Armed Services committee. While the program is now in a better shape, obstacles still remain, in software integration, affordability and future operating & support.

Israel’s Infantry Units to Receive Gilat Satellites Manpack SATCOM Terminals

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has selected Gilat Satellite Networks' SatTrooper-1000 military Manpack Satellite Communications (SATCOM) terminal to equip combat units with advanced, beyond line...

Bundling Israel Paves Way for Pentagon Sale of Strike Weapons to...

A multi-billion arms deal offered by the US to key Middle-East allies bundles advanced fighter planes, strike weapons, radars and special mission aircraft, sold separately to Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Convinces the UAE to increase the number of their Desert Falcons, instead of buying Rafale or Typhoons could derail European sales efforts in the region. Likewise, offerring radars and surplus USAF tankers to Israel would hurt Israeli efforts to soffer its own tankers, converted from commercial aircraft.

China Increasing Defense Spending by 10.7 Percent

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) has announced plans to increase defense spending in 2013 by 10.7 percent, to $115.7 billion. Actual spending is believed by some to be as much as 50 percent higher than the numbers publicly announced - amounting to about a third of the annual US defense budget.

New Mega Display Cleared for F-16s’ Primary Flight Reference

The Center Display Unit (CDU) being fitted as part of the upgrading of US Air Forces' F-16s has been endorsed by the Air Force as a primary flight reference (PFR) for the fighter. The CDU replaces multiple legacy, analog flight instruments with a compact digital display leaving premium area for an ultra-large digital screen that can be used to present high resolution imagery from sensors, digital maps, or detailed situation displays.

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Lockheed Martin Acquires Stealth UAS Pioneer Chandler/May

Lockheed Martin today announced the acquisition of Chandler/May, Inc., a developer and producer of specialized unmanned aerial vehicle systems. The acquisition will expand Lockheed martin's unmanned systems portfolio beyond the families of products developed by the Skunk Works.

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