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Protecting the Flamable Load – Carapace Demonstrates Protected Logistics at Eurosatory

The French Army has recently deployed the Carapace, a highly protected fuel lorry designed to survive an ambush attack, fight back and cpress on delivering the fuel to the front lines.

Luxembourg Orders Mine, Ballistic Protected Trucks from Scania

Above: Luxembourg will get Scania G480 all-terrain 8x8 trucks, similar to this G420 used by the Dutch Army. Netherlands bought 555 trucks from Scania...

Scania strengthens cooperation with Laxå Special Vehicles

Scania has acquired 30 percent of the stocks in Laxå Special Vehicles, a company Scania has been cooperating with for adapting adapting cabs and chassis for special-purpose vehicles, a field Scania considers as 'strategic' for its international operations.

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