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A New Strategy for the U.S.Military

The new defense strategy announced by President Barack Obama on January 5, 2012 sets the stage for dramatic cuts in the defense budget, reducing $487 billion in defense spending over the next decade. It also sets the guidelines for the nation’s armed services preparing to face new challenges in the next decade.

Looking To The Future In The Pacific

USS Chafee DDG 90 in Hawaii
The United States and her allies in the Asia-Pacific region are in need of an immediate response to the military challenge posed by China while continuing to maintain friendly relations with the Chinese on the economic front – a double-edged task that will require firm leadership, diplomacy, thoughtful strategy, perseverance, and considerable amounts of money. The manner in which all of this is accomplished may determine the real players on the future world stage.

A Search for Israel’s Winning Strategy

For nearly six decades, Israel's security doctrine was premised on three pillars: Deterrence, early warning, and quick victory. This was Israel's traditional national security...

The Golan Heights Will Remain Israel’s Strategic Bulwark

Ankara's mediation efforts yielded result on April 24 when Israel announced that it was ready to give up the stategic Golan Heights to Syria...

Hormuz Straits come into Focus as Gulf Tension Mounts

The London based, Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat reported last Monday, that the Iranian armed forces had raised their level of alert in anticipation of a...

The Golan Heights- remain a vital strategic asset for Israel

Only a number of days after the UN passed a resolution calling Israel’s sovereignty over Jerusalem illegal, former US secretary of state James Baker...

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