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The Sensor Becoming the Shooter

Spike LR Missile launched from a Typhoon weapon station on an Israel Navy Super Dvora Mk 2. A similar configuration was recently tested by the US Navy, from an unmanned surface vessel (USV-PEM). Photo: RAFAEL
After decades of relying exclusively on laser and GPS for precision attack, the military and US special operations community is slowly opening to consider Electro-Optically (EO) guided weapons, gaining strike precision at extended range.

Tamuz EO Guided Missile

The Tamuz precision guided beyond line of sight (BLOS) guided weapon was developed by RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems since the late 1970s and has been fielded by the Israeli artillery corps since the early 1980s.

Evolving into Hybrid Forces – Challenging the IDF Precision Fires Domination

The evolution of the Syrian, Iranian armies and guerrillas into semi-irregular formations, challenging the Israeli domination of the battlefield with hybrid warfare concepts. Defense Update covers this topic in two parts, one outlining the transformation of the Syrian land forces.

Rafael Unveils ‘Non Line of Sight’ Spike Missile Operating at 25...

Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has unveiled a, beyond-line-of-sight version of the Spike fiber-optical guided missile capable of attacking pinpoint targets at ranges of...

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