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New Guidelines Shape Use of UAVs for Law Enforcement

The increasing use of UVS by police and law enforcement agencies requires the implementations of adequate guidelines to safeguard privacy while maintaining public and national security

The Human Aspect of Unmanned Surface Vehicles

In order to successfully operate maritime platforms, trained crews and their commanding officers are required to possess a range of technological capacities on top of their personal ones as fighters and sailors. Are the same professional skills relevant also for operation of USVs? As systems become more autonomous, human operators with different skills and different types of training will be required.

International Conference on Unmanned Systems – AUVSI Israel 2012

For four decades Israel’s aerospace industries are maintaining their world leading position in the field of unmanned systems. The upcoming International Conference on Unmanned Systems will offer international delegates a unique insight into one of the country's most competitive fields of expertise.

Future Combat Systems UVS Complete Preliminary Design Reviews

All the unmanned vehicle systems included in the U.S. Army's Future Combat Systems' program successfully completed preliminary design reviews (PDR) this month (March 2009)....

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