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DARPA’s Selects Four Developers for new X-Plane Program

  DARPA has tasked four companies with designing new aircraft to revolutionise vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) flight capabilities. The four are Aurora Flight Sciences...

Sikorsky, Aurora Flight Sciences to Develop VTOL X-Planes for DARPA

DARPA has awarded $30 million of a planned $47 funding allocated for preliminary design for the ‘VTOL X-Plane’, an experimental aircraft that can fly...

Hypersonic X-51A “Waverider” Fails Test Flight

A highly-publicized test flight of a United States Air Force (USAF) experimental aircraft ended in failure on 14 August. The unmanned aircraft, designated the X-51A “Waverider,” broke apart in midair and crashed into the Pacific Ocean only 31 seconds into its test flight.

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