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China’s newest stealth fighter could fly at Zuhai Airshow next month

The upcoming Zuhai airshow taking place in China next month will provide an opportunity to get first impressions of the new stealth jets and modernized fighter aircraft currently under development or recently delivered to the People's Republic of China Army, Air Force, Navy.

China’s Xian Y-20 Takes Off on First Flight

The highly anticipated first flight of China's new Y-20 four-engined heavy cargo jet completed successfully today. (video) The Y-20 (Yun-20 or Transport-20) is the culmination...

China Unveils Photos of New Y-20 Heavy Transport

Xi’an Aircraft Corporation’s Y-20, is the latest in a long series of new military aircraft China has introduced to the world recently. The aircraft bears a striking resemblance to the US Air Force C-17 Boeing-built transport, but appears to be of a size that might fit somewhere between the C-17 and the Airbus A400M.

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