Integrated Systems for AFVs


Tight integration between sensors, weapon systems and command levels is already reflected throughout all levels of the Israel Defense Forces. The armor and mechanized units are receiving elements of “Battle Management Systems” (BMS). These units developed by Elbit Systems, integrate the vehicle’s sensors such as tank commander’s thermal sights, navigation and communications systems. The sight images, viewed by the tank commander, can be transmitted and shared by other crew members of his unit, as well as by commanders at higher echelons.

Elevated views of the area, as captured by a UAV, and other elevated sensors can also be shared by all units, equipped with Tadiran Spectralink’s vehicular Tactical Video Receiver (V-TVR). The user can tune into the channel of a specific sensor, presenting the video and telemetry on the vehicle’s digital display. Similar equipment is used by helicopter pilots, to receive UAV sensor data directly from the UAVs, en-route to their target. Similar devices are also provided to dismounted commanders, equipped with the V-Rambo kit – comprising miniature receiver, and wrist display.

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