Integrated Infantry Combat Systems


This trend has been implemented with infantry combat systems. Various soldier’s integrated systems are under development by Elbit Systems and ITL. Among such systems, on display at LIC-2005 are the AISS integrated combat system developed by ITL, the MPRS integrated, small-arms fire control sight system, and multi-purpose weapon system (Refaim MPRS) developed by IMI. This system has gone through extensive development and testing in the recent year, with three types of ammunition – enhanced direct attack weapon, utilizing proximity fused fragmentation grenade, a non-lethal grenade, and an observation grenade, which can be fired over the target area and transmit real-time images throughout its flight. A different system, developed by RAFAEL is the Firefly, a 145 gr. grenade designed to be launched from 40mm launchers (such as the M-203). The projectile is equipped with two CCD cameras. The video stream is transmitted in real-time to the operator in the field, viewed and recorded on a PocketPC or PDA console.

Future tactical observation systems pursued by the IDF will utilize the new miniature D-STAMP day and night payloads under development by Controp, as part of IDF/MOD development program. The fully stabilized payload weighs only 650 gr. D-STAMP is deployed with the Elbit System’s Skylark miniature UAV and is setting the baseline for future MAVs platforms considered by the IDF.

PNR-500 (Personal Net Radio) developed by Tadiran Communications is a UHF personal communicator designed specifically for intra-squad and combat team communications. The system can accommodate an internal or external GPS and links to peripheral devices over a distance of 10 – 100 meters, via wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Such devices include rugged PDA, headsets, video cameras, sensors and displays etc. IAI/MLM is offering a simpler communications device called “Personal Location Unit” – a lightweight (350gr.) device, programmed to transmit five structured messages, ‘panic’ button transmitting high-priority emergency message, the device has built in GPS location and two-way modem supporting C4I and live training exercises.

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