Typhoon stabilized marine gun system developed by RAFAEL is compatible with many automatic cannons. The system total weight is 690 – 750 kg (including the gun), and it can be fitted with various naval guns, including 20, 23, 25, 27 or 30 mm guns produced by Boeing, Oerlikon, Mauser or Giat. Typhoon can be installed on small deck space and does not require deck penetration. The gun is equipped with 160 – 210 rounds stored on the mount, (actual number depends on caliber). Additional ammunition is stored below deck.

The view of the controller's console (left seat) as seen at the bridge of a Israel Shipyards Shaldag Mk II fast patrol boat.
Typhoon stabilized gun mount, demonstrating the 23mm system

The system is also fitted with an on-mount day/night camera (CCD/ICCD and FLIR) which is integrated in the remote control loop. The system is capable of traverse of +/- 120 degrees and elevation between –12.5 to +40.5 degrees. Stabilization accuracy of 0.2 mrad. Typhoon can be remotely controlled from the deck, either independently, from the control console, or automatically, slaved to the Electro-Optical Director (EOD) system or radar. The system is equipped with an internal fire control system that calculates line of fire output based on line of sight information provided by internal or external sensors. Line-of-fire stabilization enables the crew to effectively engage targets in great precision from safe stand-off distance, and at rough sea conditions. This capability contributes an essential deterrence in coast guard and law enforcement missions, and dramatically improves crew safety in counter terrorist activities, where the patrol boats frequently become targets for suicide bombers. Typhoon guns can also be operated manually, if any of the automatic systems fail.

Typhoon G (20 mm gun mount) was selected as the standard gun mount for the Israeli Navy patrol boats, including Shaldag Mk IISuper Dvora Mk II and Mk III.

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