Advanced 120mm Mortar Bomb


“Semi-smart” mortar munitions is under development at Soltam Defense for 120mm tubes. Designated “Mor” – M150/M151 HE-TAG , (Terminal Area Guided) mortar bomb implements laser homing technique for improving the accuracy of the mortar fire against “time-urgent” area targets, rather than hitting point targets at pinpoint accuracy. The idea is to fire a single mortar round on target to neutralize it, thus saving the costly ammunition spent in traditional ranging process. The bomb’s ballistics matches the ballistics characteristics of a standard HE bomb. A homing device is fitted to the tip of the bomb, which scans the ground during its terminal trajectory phase searching for the designated target area. Once the laser spot has been acquired, moving tail fins are deployed to correct the bomb’s trajectory to impact on the spot. Fired from M120/121 battalion mortars, the M150 has a range of 7,2km. The M151 can be fired from an A-7 long barrel mortar, and reaches up to 9,5km.