An example of mine protection was demonstrated by GIAT with KPAM kit, designed for the M-113. The vehicle can be equipped with blast mitigation panels attached to the floor, track sill and wheel bay. The KPAM kit can be tailored to sustain level 2 (6kg blast mine) through level 4 (10kg AT blast mine) mine blasts, as well as TMRP-6 shaped charge mines. For add-on ballistic protection, GIAT use various materials for added protection from 25 – 35 mm threats. The suit demonstrated on an M-113 includes aluminum armor for the top deck, LIBA ceramic composites for add-on side protection, very high hardness steel for bottom (counter mine and IED) protection and lightweight titanium alloy for the front (providing uncompromised protection and access to the engine). Reactive add-on armor is also proposed by GIAT for light and heavy armored vehicles. The BRENUS reactive armor kit utilizes the BSG2 bricks and U12 cases, designed to protect against hollow-charges threats such as anti-tank (CE) rounds and RPGs while BSG3 bricks are designed to protect against combined effect bomblets and top attacks. Defensive aids suite such as the KCBM complements the add-on protection suit, with the installation of laser warning receiver, Gallix smoke and countermeasures dischargers and infrared jammer

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